• About

  • Michelle Snyder

    Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

  • Even as a child, I was deeply drawn to the art of medicine. I recall thumbing through my mother’s medical books in wonderment. I continued this interest through my adult studies and soon became interested in Chinese medicine for the same reason many do: out of intrigue and a sense of desperation. I had a chronic condition that was not being helped through other forms of medicine and that left me often homebound and feeling isolated. My last hope was to try acupuncture. I quickly found myself falling in love with the medicine and decided to apply to graduate school to begin my studies of Chinese medicine.

    I have witnessed great suffering of loved ones and am sensitive and compassionate towards the health challenges that plague many. I whole-heartedly believe that everyone should have the right to experience a healthy life. This belief aligns beautifully with Chinese medicine, with its strength lying in its ability to provide and maintain optimal health and vitality.

    When I became pregnant with my son, I received acupuncture treatments from a respected and highly successful doctor who also was one of my Chinese medicine professors. Through the benefits of my treatments with him, I have since vowed to support women on their beautiful path to motherhood.

    You will find that each treatment with me is sensitive, respectful, thoughtful and thoroughly directed. I look beyond the symptoms into the root cause of the problem. I take time to check-in with my patients to ensure they are progressing with their healthcare goals. My treatment style includes life coaching as I know healthy daily choices are the key to continued wellness. I encourage patients to evaluate areas of their lives that may be out of balance and require attention such as nutrition, exercise, sleep patterns and emotional health.

    I am constantly sharpening my skills through mentoring, continued education and inquiry. I am excited to educate and share the benefits and practicality of Chinese medicine.


    Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Five Branches University, Santa Cruz, CA
    Graduated December 2014

    Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Physical Therapy Concentration)
    California State University, Sacramento, CA
    Graduated May 1996